Time is our most precious resource. Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation is helping the government make the most of it. From Netflix recommendations to self-driving cars, AI is rapidly reshaping the world around us—and opening up a world of possibilities for government agencies and their constituents.

By enabling machines to behave more like people—learning from experience, adjusting to new data, and optimizing their time and energy—AI clears the way for your people to make smarter decisions, work efficiently and cost-effectively, and better meet the needs of the public.

From building a cognitive application that helps reduce backlogs or eliminate time-consuming paperwork, to analyzing large data sets and generating meaningful insights in real-time, the most forward-thinking government agencies are already well on their way to exploring how AI can revolutionize how they operate.

AI enhances our abilities and makes us better at what we do. At Longevity, we will work to analyze your organization’s processes, strategy, and analytics. With our direction, you can reap the benefits of AI to make a greater impact on behalf of the individuals and communities you serve.



From evaluating the business case to supervising the project to establishing and tracking key performance and outcomes—we oversee each phase of AI-augmentation.


We help you define the AI value-add with crystal clarity, identifying the positive impact it will have on your processes, systems, data management, and more—and set appropriate key performance indicators to track success. Our experienced team will develop a roadmap to provide clear direction with succinct, attainable milestones for your organization.


From building applications and algorithms to designing training systems and systematizing performance evaluation, we work side by side with you to bring the advantages of AI to your organization in a way that’s on strategy, on a budget, and on time. And of course, in a manner that integrates well with your existing technology stack.


In the final stage, we flip the “on” switch—and AI is deployed to run autonomously with your organizational systems and resources. As your technology partner, we help you understand how to best leverage your new processing powers, from data analysis to task automation, equipping you and your team with the skills to make the most AI-augmentation now and into the future.


Strategic AI Workforce Development

Planning, Developing, and Deploying AI

Maturity model for Assessing Federal Programs

Risk Management

Technology and Data Assessment

Does artificial intelligence (AI) give us human-brain-like machines? Or is it just another industry buzzword? In this white paper, the fundamentals of AI are explored. Particularly, it introduces what AI stands for and how AI programs machines to simulate and resemble human cognition and behavior. This paper further articulates why AI could benefit Longevity’s clients in the future. AI accurately describes data, diagnoses problems, and predicts outcomes. It eliminates human errors by automating our monotonous manual tasks, enhances problem-solving techniques, and accelerates decision-making processes. Seamless AI initiatives are capable of adapting to human activities and assimilating people, processes and technology in a work setting. The paper concludes by providing concrete examples of AI application in grants and human resources management in the Federal workforce.

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