Our Business Transformation Framework is a proven process that’s guaranteed to get you there. If you run a government agency or lead an enterprise business, you know that the landscape you operate in is shifting by the day. New policies, technologies, mandates, and regulations are hurtling down the pike with jaw-dropping speed. Meanwhile, dollars are on the decline, and competition is on the rise.

Bottom line? You need to do more with less.

Enter the Longevity Business Transformation Framework: a proven method for reimagining how you work to drive value across people, processes, and technology—and delivering quantifiable results in 90 days or less, guaranteed.

Our team of expert technology and business consultants puts all aspects of your operation under the microscope, uncovering every possible opportunity to increase efficiency, streamline processes, improve customer service, and put more dollars back in your pocket. We systematically integrate proven continuous process improvement methods like Lean Six Sigma and Agile so change unfolds organically, throughout your organization.

In today’s fast-changing climate, you don’t have a moment to lose. Get in touch, and let’s get you and your team on the path to transformation today.



People, process and technology must all be addressed in order to transform the organization. Our method addresses each of these through value stream mapping – illustrating, analyzing and improving your business from end-to-end.


What's your workforce allocation? Is it optimized for business service delivery? What skills gaps are slowing you down, and how could training help increase efficiency and productivity? Our comprehensive analysis reveals a myriad of ways to optimize your talent.


How are your services currently being delivered, and where can you eliminate waste? Could you streamline or group services? Better leverage location or technology? We’ll ruthlessly interrogate every touchpoint in the value chain for efficiency and effectiveness.


Which IT systems are mission critical for modernization? Are certain applications keeping you in a holding pattern? How can you improve your data quality? We answer these questions and more, delivering an actionable plan to move you forward.


Case study

How Longevity Consulting transformed the USDA into a leaner, meaner machine to better support America’s farmers.

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