Validating and maintaining system compliance is an ongoing process. As government regulations and federal controls adapt to address new challenges, agencies must continuously monitor and evolve their environments to ensure security. Achieving compliance and accreditation for a federal information system can be a difficult undertaking, requiring strict adherence to federally-mandated laws and guidelines.

Federal agency CIOs are tasked with establishing top-down, agency-wide compliance programs to certify that all information systems under agency control are federally compliant. Personnel must possess the certifications, experience, and understanding of federal requirements to support and maintain a compliant solution. These challenges place a heavy burden on even the most seasoned IT professionals.

Our experienced team brings the right mix of personnel to support your certification and accreditation needs, from initiation and planning to the implementation of a system for continuous monitoring. With a deep bench of talent possessing the understanding and experience required to successfully achieve Authority to Operate (ATO) status, we work with your staff to fill knowledge gaps, provide Subject Matter Expertise and drive efficiency throughout the process.

Draw from our pool of certified, flexible support as you navigate the certification and accreditation process to ensure that you always have the right resources at the right time.