Modernization begins with the cloud and goes anywhere you want to take it. Across American government and industry, the race is on toward IT modernization. Organizations are rapidly adopting transformative technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to save time, money, and deliver better service. As administrative mandates evolve and global competition heats up, the need to embrace these new technologies is at an all-time high.

Enter cloud computing: the essential tool for driving your organization’s modernization efforts forward. By replacing physical servers, the cloud provides you with the flexibility and scalability to meet ever-changing business requirements. And you gain additional efficiencies around implementation and maintenance. This ultimately translates into more value for the hard to find dollars. But that’s not all.

In the cloud, you’re free to evolve with speed and ease. You can respond faster to legislative, policy, and program changes. Scale smoothly and rapidly. Quickly reconfigure your system to adapt to continuous change. And enjoy greater security, reliability, and ROI.

As the race to modernization heats up, embracing the cloud just makes sense. We’ll get you there.




Every stage of cloud-based modernization – handled with expertise and care. If you are considering models such as public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud through vendors such as AWS or Azure, we can get you there. Our people come from the very firms that have led the research, development, and innovation at the frontier of the cloud computing space. Let us bring that expertise to you.


Maybe you’re thinking about moving to the cloud, but you’re not sure what is the most effective path to get there. We assess your needs, help you weigh your options, put together a roadmap, and see you through to execution, guiding you all the while with eagle-eyed precision and good business sense.


Let’s say you’re already in the cloud, and you need someone to take over your ongoing operations. Our team of vetted professionals steps in and tends to operations and maintenance, as well as handling tactical items like scheduling and management.


Since the cloud is always evolving, we stay on the lookout for new innovations that can make your business more efficient, profitable, and secure. Migrating to a FedRAMP certified instance? As part of our services, we ensure that the security practices we follow align with FedRAMP requirements. From endpoint security to automated resource provisioning, and everything in between, we’ll keep you at the cloud frontier.


Case study

For many government agencies, cloud computing is exciting and often uncharted territory. It’s a world where a whole new host of possibilities exist—but harnessing them can be complicated. The North American Fatigue Management Program (NAFMP) discovered this in early 2019. The agency’s flagship website and learning management system were being controlled by a commercial entity and needed to be moved to the cloud and brought under government—but their current contractor...

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