It’s an exciting time to be in government. Cloud computing, mobile, the Internet of Things, and other advanced technologies are powering transformative change across the federal landscape. But with each new technological advancement comes new security risks and vulnerabilities—and traditional IT security measures can’t keep up.

Relying on a reactive approach to security isn’t enough anymore. Recent breaches have taught us that the hard way. We advocate a two-pronged approach: proactive and reactive. Getting clear about what you want to safeguard against, as well as what you want to innovate toward, is the new security mandate. We help you put it into practice.

Our team of experts uses data analytics, artificial intelligence, leading practices, and proven methodologies to help you embrace a whole new set of security requirements. Taking the time to bake future-proof security tools, tests, and protocols into every crack and crevice of your technology stack is the only way to protect your people, data, and mission. Let’s build a more secure future together.



Forward-thinking strategies. Continuous monitoring. Critical certifications. Our team of expert cybersecurity specialists does the heavy lifting to protect your networks, systems, and data against all manner of security breaches and cyber-attacks.


We conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify every possible security issue you face. User rights and restrictions, third-party applications, data-sharing between providers—there’s no stone left unturned as our security analysts inspect every corner of your organization, before crafting an actionable plan to mitigate every risk.


The threats to your security evolve constantly. We detect and respond to them in record time. Using analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence, our experienced team of security analysts proactively identifies weaknesses, defends against cyber-attacks, and surrounds your software and systems with an iron-clad wall of protection at all times.


As cyber crimes escalate in speed and sophistication, organizations are being held to ever more stringent governance standards. We keep you compliant. Whether you’re deploying a new upgrade, migrating to a new environment, or building a new system, we provide the testing, documentation, and controls you need to obtain the authority to operate.