Stay on top of supply chain compliance.

Ensure you’re compliant with Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization
Act of 2019 and the Federal Acquisition Supply Chain Security Act of 2018.

Are your supply and acquisition operations compliant with the latest Federal legislation?
If you deal with foreign entities, they may not be—and you may not even know it.

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According to these recent acts, no percentage of your vendors may be owned or controlled by a foreign adversary. Nor can any of your vendor’s vendors.

A few questions to ask yourself

  • Can you specify which nations your vendors do business with?
  • Do you know what telecommunication elements they’re using to serve you?
  • Do you do regular audits of your vendor communities—so you know their vendors?
  • Do you have a process for continuously monitoring risks highlighted in these acts?
  • Are your employees prepared to identify and respond to risks in these acts?
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With new regulations comes a need for a new way forward. Longevity’s Acquisition and Strategic Risk Solutions can help. Powered by the globally renowned Dun & Bradstreet data cloud, let us tailor a solution to help you achieve and maintain supply chain compliance—so you can keep your mission on track.

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Longevity’s Suite of Acquisition and Strategic Risk Services

Wherever you are on your journey to supply chain and acquisitions compliance, Longevity can help.

Phase 1

where you are

You’re operating as usual

You’re just learning about these new security needs. You don’t know where you’re at risk.

how we can help

Advisory and Strategic Services

Longevity’s Advisory and Strategic Services enable your agency to:

  • Assess current vulnerabilities. Identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvements.
  • Develop a strategic roadmap. Secure your supply chains and protect business operations.
  • Evaluate workforce readiness. Design skill sets to meet your changing acquisition needs.

Phase 2

where you are

You have a plan

You know what tools, processes, or training you need, but lack manpower or bandwidth.

how we can help

Implementing Tools and Solutions

Time to execute. With Longevity’s breadth and depth, we can help:

  • Implement protocols. Includes acquisition policies, standards and procedures.
  • Build toolsets. Digital tools powered by D&B’s data help you find and report threats faster, and quickly quantify the path forward.
  • Create transparency. Store, clean, secure, display and easily share your data for intra- and inter-agency endeavors.

Phase 3

where you are

You’re implementing a plan

The tools are built and the staff is trained. Now you need support for the long-term.

how we can help

Operating and Monitoring Services

Let our Federal Defense specialists keep you compliant so you can focus on your mission.

  • Operate and maintain. Both your monitoring activities and the tools that support them.
  • Prepare your workforce. Training on how to identify, escalate and mitigate risks.
  • Communicate effectively. Keep your stakeholders and workforce fully informed every step of the way.

Shine a Light on Hidden Risks in Your Supply Chain

Spot, evaluate, and eliminate vulnerabilities throughout your supply chain. Stay abreast of emerging risks—from sanctions violations to world events—that could disrupt the stability of your supply base, as well as your own agency’s operations and finances.

Use the Power of Big Data to Mitigate Risk Efficiently.

Let data do the heavy lifting, rapidly identifying potentially catastrophic points of failure—such as multiple suppliers relying on a single sub-tier supplier—with the efficiency and accuracy only robust analytics tools can provide.

Bring Across-the-Board Savings to Your Operation

Lean on our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and experienced data scientists to continually review, flag, categorize, and mitigate risks or anomalies across your supply chain—requiring far fewer resources, and at a fraction of the cost

Make Vendor Verification a Built-in Business Process.

Embed supply chain compliance best practices into your existing workflows. Rest easy knowing that every vendor and supplier in your network adheres to the latest in federal, state, and local regulations and requirements as a matter of course.

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