Got What It Takes To Be A Consultant At Longevity?

Read Time: 3 minutes
By Jeffrey Bui

Imagine working in a fast-paced environment where you are challenged to think creatively, manage various projects simultaneously and become an expert in diverse disciplines quickly. Sound appealing? If yes, then the world of consulting is ideal for you. While the role of a consultant can be intense, time-consuming, and stressful, it can also be highly rewarding. The key to one’s success as a consultant includes having the soft skills and a right mindset.

Many people think that becoming a successful consultant requires a high level of subject matter expertise or technical skills.  The knowledge, skills, and abilities may be helpful. However, I have found that having soft skills and the right mindset makes one an effective consultant. Technical expertise will naturally come through experience.

The soft skills that help most in the consulting field include:

  • Having a Client-Centric Focus – it is crucial to build client relationships and approach each engagement with what’s right for your client’s business. Focus on their point of view.  To effectively support a client, you must develop a high-level of trust. Your client will then believe that you have their organization’s best interests in mind, can do the job, and are attuned to their needs.
  • Being a Self-Starter – As a consultant, there will be times where your client will provide extremely limited information and ask you to develop a solution or a product.  It is pivotal to motivate yourself to ask proactive questions, conduct independent research, and determine how to deliver work with minimal supervision.
  • Demonstrating a Willingness to Learn – The most exciting thing about joining a consulting firm is that you will be exposed to so many different industries, people, and business lines. It is imperative that you act as a sponge and always desire to learn something new. You may be working in technology for one client and may have to learn a completely new management technique for your next client – you must adapt and be willing to learn.
  • Striving for Excellence and Innovation – As a consultant, you are always trying to push the bar – looking for innovative and better ways to “do things”.  Our goal as a consulting company is to help our clients improve their business by understanding their needs and utilizing our expertise to push the boundaries and exceed expectations.  This requires the mindset of always striving for excellence and never settling for mediocrity.

Consulting at Longevity

As a young professional who switched from a financial institution to Longevity Consulting, I can say that I was hesitant to make the “jump”, but have benefitted immensely from it.  Longevity provides a unique experience because of its extremely talented and diverse employees.  Through daily interactions with clients and employees, you’ll learn how to network, engage, and interact with different types of people.  Here are a few qualities that make Longevity a great place to work:

  • Cultural Diversity and Individuality – Each person brings something unique to the company due to the diverse background of the Longevity workforce.  From my experience, one of the fastest ways to learn as a young professional is to be exposed to different types of people with varying levels of professional acumen. I learned the most when I was surrounded by people who had different thoughts and ideas from mine.
  • Accountability and teamwork – Lots of autonomy and ownership of deliverables and work.  You are given lots of flexibility on how you want to operate within your team.  Take ownership of a project and always try to be a “team player”.
  • Personal Growth – Exposed to a diverse group of people, business lines, industries, you can learn so much quickly.

To learn more about Longevity Consulting visit the firm’s About Us page or connect to our Career page to check for open positions.